Monday, October 22, 2012

The Stories Pile Up.

The more I look into Slenderman, the more stories of him I seem to find. Everyone says he doesn't want the knowledge of his existence to get out, so I have to be careful with sharing this information. The first story I found was from a user on  I found the post telling of a boy named Jake around the age of 7. The boy seems to be fascinated with drawings of pictures of him and a tall man in a black suit with out a face. A picture of the boy with what appears to be Slenderman in the background is included. According to a newspaper clipping dated May 21, 2004, Jake Greenwood disappears from Wichita, Kansas on May 19th, 2004. Paper includes that Jake's mother saw him playing near woods in their back yard right before his disappearance , and the Jake had been irritable lately and complaining of a tall thin man in black.
Surge, Victor. " To Create Paranormal Images," 12 June 2009. Web. 22 October, 2012.  <>
"Jakes Party" posted by Victor Surge

Steinmen Woods, Subjects where hunting in the woods four hours before dark. The surviving subject claims both men grew uneasy as a fog set into the woods. Not long after an object falling out of tree stuck one of the men in the left shoulder causing him to discharge his weapon. Object said to be the body of a man of unknown age. It was very precisely dissected, with major internal organs still contained within the rib cage in what looked to be clear bags. Surviving subject placed organ bag in his backpack. Attack followed several minutes later after a "low children's laugh, like a giggle". Surviving subject ran until he reached his vehicle. Subject then drove to assumed safety. Survivor label B7 witness, B7 witness to be placed in quarantine.
---. To Create Paranormal Images," 13 June 2009. Web. 22 October, 2012.   He seems to be the main source of all the Slenderman information, maybe even the original creator of this entire Urban Legend. Still I believe there may be some truth to this and am not willing to give up till I find substantial evidence.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Background to the Slenderman

I can see now why Slenderman has grown in popularity over the past few years. The idea of a tall faceless man stalking you in the fog, stealing children and murdering adults is horrifying to say the least. The first mentions of Slenderman were on, by Victor Surge on Feb. 2, 2006. Evidence was brought to light about Slenderman after years of it being covered up. Photos recovered from a library fire in show a man in a suit watching children from the shadows.

The picture was taken the day that fourteen children disappeared from Stirling City. Officials claim that the deformities in the film are defect and nothing else; the library fire occurred one week later and the photographs where taken as evidence. The photographer, Mary Thomas has been missing since June 13, 1986.  Victor Surge also posted a police report that seems to be from the fifties that involves frantic officers talking about Slenderman coming to kill and terrorize them. Slenderman stays in the fog and stalks his victims, impaling them on high broken tree branches and lets them bleed out. His takes out all the major organs, places them in plastic bags and replaces them back into their spot in the victims bodies. What he does with the children he steals is unknown. The remains of his other victims have been only found by chance and the lucky few who got away from him when they found his secrets. Since the original postings of Slenderman on the something awful fourms, many others have come out with their own evidence or sightings. Has the whole description of slenderman and mostly of what he does, but I want to know more, where does he come from? What are his Motives? I'll have to dig further into it. For now there is some pretty good evidence that Slenderman exists, but with the way people talk about him, and everyone that has tried to bring him to light with credible evidence, has disappeared, I had better watch my back.

Monday, October 15, 2012

A Scary Tale, or a Tall Truth?

Slenderman, an inhuman mystical creature; he is described as a very tall and skinny man in a dark black suit with a completely white face, he is missing features such as eyes, nose, mouth, ears and hair. Although the story of slenderman is relatively new to modern media, it has started to quickly rise in awareness and popularity. Articles, pictures, videos, and forum posts about Slenderman have started to soar in numbers during the past few years.  The story is that slenderman has the ability to stretch his limbs and body to preposterous lengths, and he kidnaps predominately children for reasons unknown. He hides in the mist and also wooded areas awaiting his prey to wander by, while some say he stalks his targets. There have been many claims to sightings, some accompanied by photographs, or that a few people are being stalked by him most their lives. Those who have claims to seeing him have disappeared all together.  While the legend of Slenderman seems highly unlikely to be a tale of truth, and some of it can be passed off as paranoia, it has sparked my curiosity, although I have my doubts on the topic, it is still very frightful if true and requires further investigation.